The first purpose built fire station in Fredonia was in 1901 at the corner of Church and Center St, it housed three fire Companies along with their equipment, horse stables, meeting rooms, bunk rooms and various other rooms. Later on two more bays were added to house additional equipment. As fire apparatus became larger and heavier it was decided that a new fire station was needed, in 1979 the Fredonia Fire Department moved into it’s new and current Station at 80 West Main St. The new station had the ability to hold at least ten modern fire trucks with five forward bay doors and two bay doors facing out the back of the truck bay. The main floor included the truck bay, a hose drying tower, a bunk room, work and tool rooms, offices, TV room, day/kitchen room restrooms and a dispatch (watch) room. The basement included a large meeting room, a boiler room with a generator and other storage rooms that were later turned into a computer room, a weight and gym exercise room, restrooms and a quartermaster room for storage of department equipment, such as firefighting gear and ems gear. The meeting room in the basement has since been modernized with large screen TV’s, computers and video cameras for training and the ability to conduct meetings and training through the use of the internet and Zoom. The third floor was paid for by the Volunteer companies and consisted of four company meeting rooms, Fire chiefs office, storage rooms, a kitchen and restrooms. In 2000, a Department museum was added to the front of the administrative side of the station, In 2022 one company meeting room was converted into a volunteer bunk room. Over the years, various upgrades have been made to the interior and exterior of the building. The watch room was modernized with computers and a large screen TV which is used for the “I am Responding” program, the kitchen and TV room have also been redone. In 2021/2022 the outside of the building was upgraded including back-lighting the lettering on the front of the truck bay, the upper outer wall around the station was removed and replaced with material better to withstand Western New York weather and adding a electronic sign and replacement of the cement on the front pad. In the 1990’s, A pavilion was added to the back of the station along with a large cement pad which is used for training. Next on the list is a new roof replacement for the Station, which when complete should leave the station in good shape for years to come.