President – Daniel “Chip” Riewaldt
Vice President – Raymond Beach
Treasurer – Craig Aldrich
Captain – Kenneth Haas
1st Lieutenant – James Shuler
2nd Lieutenant – Robert Olmedo
David Ludemann – Anthony Faso
Thomas Fisher – Julius Leone Jr.

The former Fredonia Hook and Ladder Company was reorganized in 1901. The company was renamed the J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company #1, for its founder, the Honorable John S. Lambert. He was instrumental in the reforming of the Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department. A prominent citizen, Lambert also served as a New York State Supreme Court Justice.

The Lambert Hook and Ladder Company was originally comprised of up to fifty able men who were residents of the Village of Fredonia. However, throughout the years, the Company has held its membership to thirty-five persons. Four of these may be from the Town of Pomfret. This was done to keep consistent with the other companies of the Fire Department.

The J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company #1 serves the Fredonia Fire Department with such responsibilities as search and rescue, forcible entry, ventilation, and ladder placement. They are also responsible for the Department aerial apparatus, Tower 18.
From its inception, members of the J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company #1 have been proud, dedicated and well trained. Each member has sworn to protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Fredonia Fire District. Besides fighting fires, the J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company #1 members serve on Department and Company committees, attend training schools and seminars, and participates in public education activities.

The Company also participates in many social events, having two banquets per year and one picnic each year. They also sponsor a firematic hose race team that competes with other companies and fire departments. The J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company belongs to several fraternal associations and participates in their annual conventions.

Each member must follow the rules and regulation of the Fredonia Fire Department and the J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company #1. Participation in meetings, drills and fires is encouraged by the Company Honor Board. Members must meet minimum attendance levels to be an active member of the Company.

The J.S. Lambert Hook and Ladder Company #1 strives to complete any task with a mark of excellence through team work, compassion and perseverance.