The Process

  • Complete the Application (Click Button Above)
  • Attend a meeting with the department
  • Background check
  • Be voted into the department
  • Orientation Training

What is expected and what are the requirements of a volunteer?

  • Attend orientation Training
  • Complete Required trainings
  • Attend monthly Meetings – 1st Wednesday of the month
  • Attend monthly Drills – 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Participate in events & fundraiser’s

Roles Available

  • Firefighter:
    • Interior firefighters are trained in the use of a SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) which allows you to safely operate in an atmosphere that is potentially hazardous.
    • Exterior firefighters are trained in combating and extinguishing exterior fires, providing water supply, ladder operations, and assists interior firefighters.
  • EMT:
    • Provide basic life support skills to a patient in a pre-hospital setting.
    • Examples: Vital signs, CPR & AED, First Aid.
    • Advancement opportunities for an EMT: Advanced-EMT and Paramedic.
  • Paramedic:
    • Provide Advanced life support skills to a patient in a pre-hospital setting. Examples: Cardiac monitor, start IV’s, administer medications.
  • Support Personnel:
    • Assist firefighters with tasks, retrieving equipment, maintenance, traffic control and much more.
  • Administrative Support:
    • Assist in the office with fundraising, recruitment, marketing, book-keeping, event planning, data base management, and much more.


  • Free Training
  • Tuition Reimbursement – FASNY
  • Department Incentives
  • Free Gym
  • NYS Tax Incentives
  • Flexible membership
  • Fire Departments events – Dinners, Banquets, etc.
  • Opportunities to travel to seminars, conferences, & training